Here are the major source code examples from the book. Most of them are games. There are zillions of other smaller examples in the book that are omitted from this list.
Chapter File Name Description
2 guess.lisp This is a super simple number guessing game. It's also designed to illustrate what it's like to work within a REPL.
5 & 6 wizards_game.lisp This is a simple text adventure game. It can't be "won" yet, because it needs additional commands from chapter 17. It includes the customized REPL code from chapter 6.
7 graph-util.lisp This is a library for interfacing with graphviz, letting you draw pretty graphs from CLISP. If you are using SBCL, you may want to look here for some useful info.
8 wumpus.lisp This implements a version of "Hunt the Wumpus". It requires that grap-util.lisp is in the same directory. Type "(new game)" and then use the "(walk #)" and "(charge #)" commands. The graphs are written to a file which you can view in a browser and refresh after each move.
9 orc-battle.lisp This is basically a battle engine like you might find in an old-school rpg game. It is actually kind of addicting as a stand-alone game, as well. It teaches object oriented and generic programming.
10 evolution.lisp This is an evolution simulation. Draws a world to the REPL using ASCII graphics.
11 robots.lisp This game is kind of a joke to show off the crazy things you can do with loop and format. But it's also fun to play!
13 webserver.lisp This implements an extremely crude, but marginally functional web server from scratch.
15 dice_of_doom_v1.lisp This implements the Dice of Doom boardgame. It is the crudest version with only basic optimization, but has a fully implemented AI.
17 svg.lisp
The first file implements a crude DSL for creating SVG images.
The second file adds special actions to the Wizard's Game, completing the game play. It requires wizards_game.lisp in the same directory to work properly.
18 lazy.lisp
The first file implements a simple lazy list library.
The second file makes Dice of Doom lazy and adds classic AI optimizations. It requires lazy.lisp and dice_of_doom_v1.lisp to be in the same directory.
19 dice_of_doom_v3.lisp This file turns dice of doom into a crude browser-based game with graphics. It is so crude that it can only support one player using the "site" at a time. It requires the earlier Dice of Doom files and webserver.lisp to be in the same directory.
20 dice_of_doom_v4.lisp This ties up some loose ends for the Dice of Doom game, to turn it into a rich dice rolling board game with a large board. It allows for multiple AI players. It has the same file requirements as dice_of_doom_v3.lisp from chapter 19.